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In the last decade of the 18th century, the French people were ready to revolt. They were hungry and tired of the absolute monarchy that ruled them. When bread prices soared, Marie-Antoinette, the queen of France supposedly proclaimed “Well let them eat cake”.

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Okay…maybe I am exagerating. Nikolai Khabibulin isn’t the 76 years I gave him last night in jest. He’s actually only 38, but I feel like this guy has been around forever. Regardless, another hot goalie gave the Habs another big loss at home.

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Welcome to the New Lady Loves Hockey

Welcome to the new and improved Lady Loves Hockey. What can you expect from us moving forward? Frankly more of just about everything, and yes, more Habs, Habs, Habs. We have always done Habs, so what exactly will be new? Well here are just a few things you can expect to see:

  • More NHL news. I have partnered with writers from and The Bleacher Report to bring in bloggers from other teams to cover everything from around the NHL. While we tried to find as many ladies as possible, we are focusing on bringing our readers the best hockey content possible.
  • Insider access and player interviews. We will be creating a video series on YouTube in conjunction with the Canadiens blog where we get to speak directly with the players. Anytime we have one of these scheduled we will reach out to our subscribers to get the questions you have answered.
  • Did somebody say fantasy? Yes, you asked for it and we have got it. We have partnered with FanDuel to offer exclusive fantasy contests for Habs fans. Compete against other readers of our website to win cash prizes! Don't have an account yet? Grab a FanDuel promo code and get into the game. Contests will begin in January of 2018 and run every night.
  • No ads, ever! We are completely doing away with ads. While we have no idea how we will (hopefully) one day monetize the site, we know it won't be by sacrificing our reader's experience. We will also never ask you to subscribe or pay for our content. We want you reading our Habs content every day!

You can subscribe in our sidebar to get all of this direct to your inbox. We will never share your information or spam you in any way. Stay tuned and Go Habs Go!