I slept in until 10am. It felt good. I haven’t slept that long in months.I stagger upstairs and thank my wife for letting me sleep in.

She says: “Check your computer, you’ll be happy”.

I open up my browser and what??! HOCKEY IS BACK!!

Except, I had no exclamation marks when I spoke the words. I couldn’t even come up with a witty Facebook status. All I could think was “oh, well that’s good I guess”.

I even went on the radio (THE RADIO!) and publicly declared my blasé feelings towards to the NHL and NHLPA resolution.

…but then, I stumbled upon this classic at approximately 12:45 pm today…
(click play, and read on, with this sweet sound in the background)

BAM! Hockey is back! If you’re feeling blue and not in the mood, play this song! I literally went from not caring, to fantasizing about watching that first game. I’d like to do it in a local bar, with a pitcher of a beer I don’t like but drink anyway, and fried food. Lots of fried dirty food. And a burger. A messy burger with caramelized onions so the patty slides around and it’s a disaster to eat.

I’d like to be surrounded by 75 to 100 fellow Habs fans, and when PK slaps one in on the PP from the point, that song will be blasted and all will be right this winter in Montreal.

So if you were feeling like me, watch the video… blasé to pumped in 1:52 – I guarantee it!