First off…

I’ve been getting flack for not writing enough. It’s true. I’m guilty of not getting posts done through November. Excuse as always is work, but December should be an easier month. Also, you should feel free to check out where I am also a contributor.


And now on to a post that is LONG overdue.
This past weekend, the idea popped into my head that Markov’s journey with injury is almost a mirror reflection of the Habs season. Let me explain:

Big hopes to start the season only brought pre-season woes
As summer wound down word was the Markov was skating hard and would likely be back to start the season. In fact, there was little doubt that Markov would be back to start the season, as Habs fans had him paired with Alexei Emelin to make a pairing similar to that of Komisarek/Markov circa 2008-2009.
As summer wound down, word was that the Habs had added the missing elements that would push us to top of the East. Adding size with Erik Cole and Emelin, and building on the great seasons of Price, Pacioretty and Subban. Gomez PROMISED he would be back in form, finally Spacek would be given the 7th defender role.
Pre-seasons starts. Markov knee is swollen and his is MIA in Florida or Alabama. Habs lose 6 of 7 pre-season games
Season starts and there is no progress
Pre-season ends on a low note, but fear not, Markov was set to only miss a few games. Oh, and that dismal pre-season record means nothing, it is only the preseason. Habs go on to lose 6 straight to open the season and Markov is still nowhere to be seen.
Movember has arrived! Habs play well – Markov skating hard
Habs start November strong, winning three of their first five. On the Markov side of things, we hear he is skating hard at practise and is getting ready to make a return. The No Contact jersey is removed and speculation is that he will be in the line-up for the West Coast road trip.
Movember actually sucked – and Markov is actually injured
Oops.. From a strong start to a dismal finish. Habs actually end November 6-6-2. Oh, and Markov? He did fly to California, and he needs surgery on his knee. Again.
I did this comparison only because too often when things are going badly for the Habs, the chorus line of ”Don’t worry Markov will be back soon” starts up. It is exceptionally coincidental how true this is, even with him off the ice. Markov training hard, looking to be back in the lineup equals Habs putting up consecutive wins, and out playing opponents. Markov has a set-back, Habs starting losing consecutive games.

This may have been an easy line of coincidences to plot, perhaps I could have found a number of circumstances to parallel to the Habs season. But as the end of the day, you can’t help but wonder if the moral boost of knowing a guy is coming off a long road of injury is the catalyst that gives the Habs extra step in those games. And on the other side, the disappointment, empathy, and energy given to the Markov story is what saps the Habs of their energy that is responsible for their lacklustre performances.

Get well soon Markov, because in more ways then one, the Habs need you to be on the road to real recovery.