Yes, the Habs are off to their best start in three years. Yes, the Habs are FINALLY fun to watch again. Yes, we did beat the Devils and Marty Brodeaur, on home ice on a Sunday (has that ever happened in the history of ever?!).

But let’s talk about Markov, and let’s talk about his OT goal last night. Was anyone else confused on how he started the play at the top of the blue line and then was suddenly by the post tapping in the winner? How did he get there? Why was he there? Cole was already standing there, but Markov stood in the better spot. The obvious conclusion, Markov sees into the future.

Let’s watch his goal:

I know… I’m so perplexed as to how he knew to go down low, that I need to break it down into screenshots.

Here’s Markov. Just received a pass from Bourque. About to pass in off to Desharnais who is hovering around the top of the circle on the left. Ho-hum.. just an average 4-man powerplay.

What’s this? Markov skating down the centre? Thankfully Bourque cycles up to take Markov’s position. Is Markov going to the left post? He must be, since Cole is on the right post.

Nope… Markov’s going right post. I wonder if Cole is all “hey man, I got it covered”.
But Markov knows, Markov sees. He knows Cole is a tad too low. He knows Bourque will shoot wide right.

Just a couple of strides and Markov is right in front of the bouncing puck. Cole is a perfect screen. Markov is in perfect position.

Markov scores. We love you Andrei, you and your bionic knee that somehow rendered you clairvoyant.


24CH – The new reality Habs TV show

The Habs new reality series premièred last night, and while it’s way better then that terrible experiment called “Nos Canadiens”, it once again falls short. Any team sponsored reality series is going to be lame because they simply can’t rid themselves of that marketing filter. I would actually prefer it if they stopped trying and instead got on the ticket for the next HBO 24/7 (if there will ever be one again). THAT would be interesting.